Our Vision

R&H Beautanicals "Simply Natural, Honestly the Best"

In the Beginning....

Through personal involvement, we decided to develop a safe, reliable and effective method to help small babies with skin irritations that cause them so much pain and discomfort, and added so much stress to the new mothers. Remembering that prevention is better than cure, we believed that rather than trying to heal the skin after it was damaged, we would aim to avoid problems completely by preventing any contamination or irritation from reaching the skin in the first place.

As the product was for use on tiny babies, it had to be safe, completely free of anything even suspected of harmful effects. We decided to use only plant extracts, they had been studied for generations so their properties, (both good and bad) were well known. Most plants used in the old fashioned remedies were in fact used as food, so the wise old advice “Never put on your skin what you can't put in your mouth” was closely followed.

The Product....

We created a unique blend of edible plant extracts, a barrier cream that forms a waterproof skin shield that doesn't block the pores and allows the skin to breathe naturally. Being totally absorbed, it leaves no greasy marks and is totally unaffected by repeated washing. Designed for nursery use, it has since proven highly effective in commercial, industrial, medical and household applications, giving reliable protection from a wide range of contamination and irritation.

The Results....

The safe, effective protection from irritation prevents skin damage from a wide range of irritants, and even though Skin Shield has no direct healing properties, areas affected by a large number of conditions began to rapidly clear once further irritation was prevented. We regularly receive feedback from people who are finding relief from long term skin disorders that defied all previous efforts, but are now easy to control.

The clue was always there, patches of irritation and rashes that appear under rings and watches identified our own perspiration as a source of irritation, but this evidence was overlooked. It seems the path to relief in many cases lay in providing effective protection from irritation rather than applying chemicals to attempt to heal. Now you have a chance to see for yourself if this is the answer to your problems.

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