The Invisible Glove (aka. Skin Shield) 40g - Protect, Repair & Moisturise
The Invisible Glove (aka. Skin Shield) 40g - Protect, Repair & Moisturise
The Invisible Glove (aka. Skin Shield) 40g - Protect, Repair & Moisturise
The Invisible Glove (aka. Skin Shield) 40g - Protect, Repair & Moisturise

The Invisible Glove (aka. Skin Shield) 40g - Protect, Repair & Moisturise

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Skin Shield provides outstanding protection for the skin against irritation, chafing, dryness and a wide variety of skin ailments. It protects and insulates the skin against damage from the environment and from man made agents such as detergents, solvents, alcohols etc.

Restores Natural Balance and Encourages Healing:
As well as insulating the skin from external irritants, the protection allows the skin to return to its natural balance and complete the healing process. Cuts and sores heal 5 to 7 times faster. And, with the irritation removed, areas affected by rashes or disorders such as dermatitis, eczema and even psoriasis are healed by the body’s natural mechanisms.

Of course, the product also delivers excellent results with more common ailments, for example, it completely clears nappy rash and is an excellent aftershave.


Other Uses: 
The product is an exceptional barrier cream. Due to its protective qualities the product is perfect for anyone whose skin or hands are subjected to harsh conditions, dry or damp conditions, strenuous work and constant washing or exposure to irritants (i.e. outdoor workers, labourers, nurses, doctors, carers, bar tenders, armed forces personnel, hospitality workers). It even insulates the skin against a person’s own perspiration (without blocking the pores) and is a good general moisturiser.

All product claims are backed by our unconditional money back guarantee. 

The natural protection provided by this product:

* Ends cracked hands, heels and elbows within 14 days.
* Allows the body to heal scratches and grazes 5-7 times faster.
* Clears and prevents contact dermatitis from rubber gloves.
* Clears irritation, sweat rash and chafing.
* Perfect for sensitive skin.
* Clears nappy rash on infants.
* Will not block pores. Allows the skin to breathe naturally.
* 100% natural, made only form pure plant extracts.
* 100% environmentally friendly.
* Completely safe for children and infants, ideal for cracked nipples.
* Completely non-toxic and totally safe to use even when handling food.

Skin Shield is thick and extremely economical to use. Simply rub a small amount into the area to be protected until entirely absorbed. For easy application use water to lubricate application and thin out the product.
For problem skin apply at least twice a day. In other cases apply as desired.


Further Details:

One of the reasons this product is so effective in comparison with others on the market is that the product actually absorbs into the skin. At first absorption may take time due to the skin having been damaged over a period of many years (from soaps, detergents, solvents and even the environment). This is similar to what happens when water is applied to extremely dry soil. Water will bead and sit on the surface of dry soil whereas damp soil will accept water easily.

As a result when you first start using the product you may find your skin feels slimy for some time after application whilst it is being absorbed. As you continue to use the product it will be absorbed much quicker and your skin will become increasingly soft and supple.

It may be important for some to notice that even while the product may feel ‘slimy’ on the skin during the absorption period it will not make your skin slippery like common moisturisers or sunscreens. Test this by try picking up a smooth object immediately after applying the product to your hands.

* Virgin Wheat Germ Oil  (rich source of natural vitamin E)
* Benzoin Extract (rapid healing qualities) 
* Grapeseed Oil

NOTE: All products are guaranteed to be 100% natural, made entirely from plant extracts, totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.